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Safety Systems - Products for Automation Safety
In automated production and logistics, effective accident and personnel protection is key. For nearly 60 years, SICK has developed and manufactured pioneering products for safeguarding hazardous zones and for access protection. SICK is also leading the way in safe fieldbus technology around the globe.

Optoelectronic Protective Devices
Intelligent, optoelectronic safety devices like safety laser scanners, light grids and safety light curtains can be used for safeguarding dangerous points, hazardous areas and access control both vertically and horizontally. These non-contact devices are selfmonitoring, and meet worldwide safety standards. For more details on these industry-leading products, click on the links below:
Safety Sensors
Stricter safety regulations, and the need for tamper-proof safety at work, now make modern safety switches indispensable. Interlocks from SICK open up numerous new application possibilities.
Electromechanical Safety Switches
SICK products easily withstand harsh conditions such as impacts and vibrations. Opening, closing and locking is reliably guaranteed over a long lifetime. SICK safety switches are available in plastic or metal versions.

Safety Interfaces
There is a growing importance put on integrating intelligent safety systems in automated environments. Intelliface is the intelligent interface technology for safety engineering. SICK provides you with a whole range of interface products that were developed especially for linking to safety products and machinery.